New Year Resolutions

We're now at the end of 2013 and ready to begin a new year. Every year people make their new year resolutions, I know I've made a few. The truth is I don't think that I've ever followed through with one, have you?

Following are the most popular resolutions that I can think of:
  1. I'm going to stop smoking this year
  2. I'm going to loose weight
  3. Save more money
  4. Earn more money
  5. Get a better job
  6. Take care of myself better
  7. Join the gym and get in shape
  8. Quit drinking
  9. Go back to school
  10. Read more
These are 10 resolutions that I can think, but I'm sure there are so many more. I'm sure that we all make our resolution with the best of intentions, so what happens? and why do we not follow through?
I think life happens, our every day habits, work, go to school, come home, cook, clean, and take care of the kids, or whatever your daily life is we all go back to it.
Although you may be in the small minority of the people who make and follow through with your resolution. If you are congratulations to you.
As for me I'm just thankful that I have a loving and caring family, and great friends, that's all I need.
I would Like To Wish You A Very Happy New Year
And May All Of Your Wishes Come True In 2014

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