Spring Clean Up In Western New York

Well today in Western New York we finally had a beautiful spring day. Saturday wasn't bad either, so I spent the weekend cleaning up the yard.

All that left over stuff from the fall, just buried under the winter snow. leaves under the bushes, pine needles, and some dead grass to rack off the lawn, I also cleaned off the deck.

I sure hope you got a lot done this weekend because here in Western New York the forecast is cold and snow for Tuesday, they say we could get 3 inches. We hope this is the last one for the year.

Soon it will be time to plant the flowers and the garden. I don't have much room in my yard for a garden, but every year we plant one at my daughter's house.

My favorite tool for digging the garden, no not a shovel, but my Mantis Tiller. I also use it to weed around my shrubs, and cut a nice edge along the side walk with my edger attachment.

Here you can find out more information about my Mantis Tiller and some other things I've used it for.


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