Bacon Epic Failure

Me and Sammy the Cooks
The Cooks for the day!

Well today you are not going to find a great recipe, just a fun story about our bacon epic failure.

 The picture is myself the foodie with this blog, and my son Sammy who graduated from culinary school and is a pretty good cook. So you might ask yourself how could they burn the bacon?

 Our son, his wife, and our two beautiful granddaughters came last weekend for a visit, to attend Sammy’s class reunion.

Whenever we have everybody together it’s a tradition to cook a huge family breakfast. When we're all together my son and daughter dub our house “The Hotel Monaco” and feel it’s a must to post our happenings to Facebook.

It was a beautiful cool, sunny morning here in Western New York. I like to cook the bacon on a cookie sheet in the oven, I find this so much easier. On this morning I decided not to use the oven so I wouldn’t heat up the kitchen.

So I proceeded to line a cookie sheet with tin foil and place the bacon on it. I took this out to the deck and fired up the grill on the low setting. 

Fran was out there playing with our four grandchildren. I asked her to watch the bacon, and she did for a while.

While Sammy and I made the pancakes, eggs, and sausage in the house, Fran was watching the bacon, at least we all thought so. 

Just about the time everything was coming together, Fran yelled from the deck “the bacon is burned”.

The burned bacon!
 The moral of this story is, don’t put your bacon on the grill and expect your wife to watch it while she is playing with the grandchildren.

Needless to say “The Hotel Monaco” got some very bad reviews for the day. I hope you enjoyed our bacon failure.

As always thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!

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