A Little Information About Cigars

Here we are at the end of another day, what could be better than relaxing with your favorite cigar. If you are looking for some great gifts for a fellow cigar lover, or just for yourself I have some great ideas. Now I'm no cigar expert by any means, but I do enjoy my cigars.This lens is about one of my fondest memories of my Dad, some of my favorite cigars and a little bit about them, some information about humidors, and why you should have one to keep your favorites fresh, and the best temperature and humidity settings for your humidor. My humidor is pictured here, and was given to me as a gift from a very good friend, a cigar smoking buddy. Along the way I have included some interesting facts about some famous cigar smokers.
The Photo above is my personal box of favorites

My Dad's Favorite Cigar

My Dad smoked cigars. I have fond memories of him sitting on the back porch and smoking his cigar. It was like he had not a care in the world as long as he had his cigar and the radio was on as he listened to the Pirate game.What ever the occasion, Birthday, Father's Day, or Christmas I always bought my Dad a box of Dutch Masters Presidents. He would look at me and say "you should'nt have spent the money" and then he would smile.

These Five Are Some Of My Favorites Any One Of Them Would Make A Great Gift

ARTURO FUENTE: They come from the Dominican Republic. The Fuente family are the largest producers of hand made cigars in the Dominican Republic.The flavor is medium to full-bodied and the quality is Superior

ASHTON: Also from the Dominican Republic . The originator of this brand was William Ashton Taylor an English pipe maker. The flavor is rich and medium, the Cabinet Selection is mild and the quality is Superior.

BACCARAT HAVANA SELECTION: These beauties come from Honduras and is owned by the Upmann family. These cigars are full bodied, mild with a sweet flavor and the quality is excellent.
H. UPMANN: These cigars come from the Dominican Republic. The flavor is Mild to medium with sweet overtones and the quality here is Superior.

DON TOMAS: These come from Honduras. The flavor is full to medium bodied with overtones of coffee and mocha and the quality is Superior.These are my top five cigars, there are so many more. I have to tell you I have smoked every one of these cigars and loved every one of them. My favorite is the H. Upmann, you won't be sorry trying any of these.FACT: In 1962 only hours before President Kennedy signed the Cuban embargo, he sent one of his aids out to buy a personal supply of one thousand H. Upmann Petit Coronas.

Now cigars need to be kept in a dark place with a constant climate. This is where the humidor comes into the picture. If your cigar lover doesn't have one, they will need one soon.Cigars should be kept at a temperature of 68-70 degrees and 70-72 percent humidity. This represents the tropical climate of the tobacco and keeps cigars from becoming dry and brittle. The picture in my intro are my personal cigars, and I have to tell you some of them have been in there for 2 years or more, and they are just fresh as the day I received them.FACT: Winston Churchill had a complete humidified room that housed three thousand cigars.FACT: President John F. Kennedy's personal humidor sold at an  auction, the highest bidder paid $574,500.00.


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