How Are Cigars Made?

Hand making cigars
A True craftsman hand making cigars
Lets talk a little today on how cigars are made. There are three distinct methods, the hand made, true to its name, the machine bunched cigar,with the final wrapper completed by hand, and the machine made cigar completely made by a machine.  Now just to let you know, I'm not any kind of expert on the how to make cigars. Following here is what I've learned over the years from reading and enjoying many of my favorite cigars.

First some cigar vocabulary. Of course there are two ends of a cigar, the Head is the end that you smoke and the Foot is the one that you light. The cigar is made up of three types of tobacco, The Filler, The Binder, and The Wrapper.

Filler - This is the center or core of the cigar, in premium cigars the filler is a long leaf that will run the entire length of the cigar. Smaller cut leaf fillers are used in the machine made process.

Binder - This is the first layer holding the filler together, you want the binder to match the flavor of the filler. The binder also controls the burn rate, and the aroma of the cigar.

Wrapper - The wrapper is the final touch to the hand made cigar. The wrapper can make up 60% of the cigars taste. This is an art left to the most skilled craftsman in a cigar factory.

 Each wrapper leaf is trimmed to size by the roller. Then the roller adds a cap using sticky natural gum tree substance to finish off his creation. This is only done after the cigars are placed into wooden molds and stacks. The molds are placed into a bunch press to apply just enough pressure to shape them to their size.

This is why a premium hand made cigar is so expensive, and why they are so pleasurable to smoke. Of course this doesn't mean that machine made cigars are no good, there are many machine made cigars that will give just as much enjoyment.

Well this is what I know about making cigars. Next time I think I'll talk about Humidors.

Did you enjoy reading about how cigars are made?

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