What is a Good Cigar?

Various cigar wrapper colors

You may be an experienced cigar smoker, or just starting to find the pleasure of a good cigar. I'm always asked; what is a good cigar?  Well that depends on you, and your particular taste for cigars.

I'm no expert on cigars by any means, the knowledge I have is form my own experience and many hours of reading about cigars.

What I mean is that there is no perfect cigar. There is only the cigar that is right for you, the one you take great pleasure in the draw, and enjoy the aroma and satisfies your taste buds. This my friend is a good cigar.

A Quote from Mark Twain
"Concerning Tobacco"  1893

"As concerns tobacco, there are many superstitions, And the chiefest is this - that there is a standard governing the matter, whereas there is nothing of the kind.
Each man's preference is the only standard for him, the only one which he can accept, the only one which can command him. A congress of all tobacco-lovers in the world could not elect a standard which would be binding upon you or me, or would even much influence us."

The Source for the above Quote from Mark Twain
You have probably heard of some big name cigar brands. These cigars have a deep family history, the families have been making cigars for generations. In 1959 Castro nationalized the tobacco industry, many of these families fled and began operations in the Caribbean, others stayed and produced in Cuba.
This is why some of the brand name cigars are made in both places, the true mark of a Cuban cigar is on the band. you will see the word "Havana" written on the band.
While you're out shopping for that cigar that's just right for you it will be coming for one of these countries.
  • Cuba,
  • Dominican Republic,
  • Jamaica,
  • Sumatra,
  • Honduras,
  • Nicaragua,
  • Mexico,
  • United States
Did you have any idea that cigars were made in so many countries? I'm sure that I've missed a few of the popular countries where cigars are manufactured.

The filler and binder needs to be wrapped with a leaf called of course the wrapper, the finest wrapper in the world is the Connecticut shade-wrapper leaf.
So what's your pleasure? Go forth and find that cigar just for you. It may be full bodied, spicy, medium, mild, earthy tones, coffee, or a hint of sweetness. Whatever your pleasure it's up to you.

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