How to Cut and Light your Cigar

Cigar and matches
First Let's Cut Your Cigar

If you've been smoking cigars for a while, then this advice will not be new to you. Please read on and if you happen to disagree with my advice or you have something more to add, please feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

Now that you have your premium hand made cigar in hand, what do you do? Well the first thing to is is take a look at your new found pleasure. At this point there is no need to remove the cigar band.

Removing the cigar band at this point may damage wrapper, if you insist on removing it wait until the heat of the cigar loosens the glue.

There are several tools to choose from to cut your cigar. The "guillotine" this will make a straight line cut across the head. The "V cut" will cut a wedge into the head, and the "pierce" this will punch a hole into the center of the head.

My choice and my favorite is the guillotine, as it never fails me. I've used all of the tools to cut my cigars and always come back to my guillotine cutter. Now that's just my preference, you may very well like one of the other methods better.

Now that you have chosen your cutting tool, take note at where the cap meets the wrapper. Do not cut past this point as you will cut into the wrapper and this may cause your beauty to unravel.

This is where size matters, if the cut is too big it will result in excess smoke and heat and will cause a bitter taste, and your cigar will smoke too fast.

A cut too small and your cigar will be too hard to draw on, and the taste will be ruined by an excess of tar and nicotine.

The perfect cut will be just smaller than the diameter of the cigar. This will enhance your experience and smoking pleasure.

Now Let's Light Your Cigar and Enjoy

Now the way you light your cigar will determine how it will burn and taste. Too much flame will cause the foot to burn and turn black and cause the cigar to have a bitter taste.
The flame should never touch the cigar, as a matter of fact don't even put the cigar in your mouth yet. Hold the cigar in your hand about 1/4" away for the flame turning the cigar so the heat is toasting the edge of the foot.
You gently begin to draw when you see the smoke rising for the edge of the wrapper on the foot. Now continue to gently draw as you turn the cigar to make sure you have an even burn.

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