Pastry and Pizza Dough Roller

Norpro Pastry and Pizza Roller

Today there are so many Hi-Tech kitchen tools to choose from. Slicers, deicer's, blenders, and food processors the list goes on and on.

Norpro Deluxe Pastry and Pizza Roller take me back to the basics of kitchen tools. Something so simple that is such a huge help in the kitchen; and no electricity, you don’t even have to plug this in.

The word deluxe in the title makes you think this is Hi-Tech, but it's just simple. If you like to bake pies, make homemade pizza, or homemade pasta this is the handiest tool you'll ever have.

I make my own homemade pizza, and you would think by now that I could toss the dough in the air and twirl it around and then throw it in the pan. I'm sure you've seen those guys on television or those little pizza shops around town do this at one time or another.

Well, I'm not that good, and that's why I have this handy tool. What makes this nice is that I'm spreading my dough while it's already in the pan.

The large roller will spread the dough almost to the edges of the pan. The small side will roll the dough right to the edges, then I press the edges to form the crust.

It's also great for pie dough, and homemade ravioli. If you don't have a pasta machine to roll the pasta dough this is the tool that you'll want to have in your kitchen.

For ravioli, roll the dough long and wide enough, then spoon in the ricotta cheese, fold the dough over, and cut the individual ravioli. Use a fork to crimp and seal the edges.

Bobby and Tyler making pepperoni rolls 
My grandson's Bobby and Tyler making pepperoni rolls with the Norpro for our Friday night snack

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  1. This is the 1st time I saw a pizza dough roller like this. Mine is just a long wooden roller.

    1. Hi Thelma, It is the best helper when I roll out my pizza dough. Thanks for visiting and have a great evening :)

  2. Shared! Ours also is a wooden roller. I saw this one before and never thought it is a pizza dough roller.

  3. Hi Bea, Yes it works well to roll pizza dough. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

  4. Did you hear the news report about pizza twirling? They made it an "intangible world heritage" asset. The man asked if you could tell the difference between twirled pizza dough and dough rolled out with a rolling pin. The pizzamaker said: “Let's be honest. NO. Twirling is just theatrics.” :D :D

  5. Nice, I could use one of these!

  6. I can tell that you have a family of pizza and pasta makers! The right tools definitely helps.

  7. I don't even have a rolling pin. I use a cup.


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