Italian Peasant Soup

A bowl of Italian Peasant soup

We are certainly in the cold season now, and when it gets cold outside we like our soups. There is nothing better than serving your family a hearty and healthy bowl of soup.

I like all kinds of soups, especially in the winter months, which happens to last a long time in here in Western New York.

Here is a recipe that my we found on-line last year called Italian Peasant Soup. This is a recipe by Kim Knight of Hamburg, Pennsylvania.

We’ve made this a few times now and I've got to tell you it is absolutely delicious, and easy to make.

So a big Thank you to Kim Knight of Hamburg Pennsylvania for this recipe, I love this soup and hope many other people will enjoy it.

As Always Thanks for stopping by, I hope you try Kim's recipe.


  1. Terrific looking soup, Sam! I love soup at this time of year.

    The Old Fat Guy

    1. A really nice soup for the cold weather, we just had it again on Saturday, glad we found that recipe. Thanks for stopping by David.

  2. Soups and stews are great on cold days.

    1. This one is for sure perfect for the cold weather. Thanks so much for stopping by Wonder, and have a great weekend :)


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